Swiss Innovation Forum 2023

Client: NZZ Connect
Introduction: Q4 2023
Main Deliverables: Multi-Touch Hardware, Multi-Touch Application for Events, QR Code Generator Module, Webframe Module, Content Management System
Project Management: Paolo Mira, Gaël Bourgeois, Immensive SA
In Collaboration with: Botond Kalotay, NZZ Connect / Benj Dütschler, KREATE

The Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) stands as a beacon for pioneering discussions across business, science, research, education, politics, and media, highlighting innovations that shape our future. Held on November 30, 2023, at the futuristic Congress Center Basel, this premier event was a convergence of minds dedicated to fostering innovation, creativity, and design.

Immensive proudly served as an esteemed event partner, enhancing the attendee experience with an interactive event application. Our cutting-edge kiosk seamlessly provided essential information about the program, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, empowering attendees to navigate the event with ease. An interactive floor plan facilitated efficient venue exploration, enriching the overall event experience. This information was seamlessly integrated, directly sourced from the website, eliminating duplication and ensuring accuracy.

Key Features

  • Interactive Kiosk with Comprehensive Information: Centralized hub for program details, speaker bios, exhibitor information, and sponsor profiles, facilitating seamless event navigation.
  • Categorized Filtering and QR Code Integration: Category filter for swift booth location and QR codes for instant access to additional information on smartphones.
  • Digital Signage for Increased Visibility: Doubled as a digital signage solution, enhancing visibility for organizers, exhibitors, sponsors, and partners.
  • Mobility and Easy Setup: Multi-touch information kiosk with effortless setup and dismantling, ensuring adaptability to dynamic event requirements.
  • Flexible Content Management System (CMS): Enables real-time updates, incorporating last-minute changes seamlessly.


  • Enhanced Event Experience: Rapid information retrieval enhances attendee experience, streamlining event navigation.
  • Innovative and Modern Image: Immensive’s interactive technology reflects the event organizer’s commitment to innovation and modernity, aligning with the event’s theme.
  • Post-Event Analytics: Facilitates easy download and analysis of user statistics, offering valuable insights for post-event evaluations and improvements.

Immensive’s contribution to SIF 2023 exemplifies our dedication to elevating events through immersive technology, delivering seamless and engaging experiences for organizers and attendees alike. With our innovative solutions, we continue to redefine event engagement and set new standards for interactive experiences.

“The interactive multitouch screens have always been a great asset at the Swiss Innovation Forum for our participants. An ideal tool for interaction, orientation, and information delivery. We look forward to further collaboration with Immensive SA!”

Botond Kalotay

Botond Kalotay
Project Manager
Swiss Innovation Forum / NZZ Connect

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