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Meet the talented and motivated people behind Atracsys Interactive and learn more about who we are.

Today, we would like to introduce to you, Gaël Bourgeois, COO.

Gaël Bourgeois Atracsys Interactive

Gaël Bourgeois


Gaël, can you introduce yourself?

After a master in Communication Systems from EPFL, I worked a few years in the signal processing laboratory of EPFL as scientific assistant. My work was mainly on medical image processing and optical measurement devices for brain surgery.

I joined Atracsys in 2009. It was a small startup of 7 persons at the time, and it soon became a family for me. During the first year, I worked on 3D visualization tools and precision checking for the Atracsys optical measurement devices.

In 2010, I worked on the first interactive application fully developed by Atracsys. It was a product catalog on a dual screen wall, controlled by a tactile tablet, for a handcraft watches shop in Paris.

What is your role within Atracsys Interactive?

As the COO I have two linked objectives: The first goal is to ensure that our clients are happy by delivering high quality applications on time. The second goal is to ensure that our developers are happy by planning their work and facilitating the administrative tasks so they can focus as much as possible on development work.

Half of my time is still devoted to the development of end-user applications and back end tools. I can therefore support the team when needed and stay up to date with recent technological developments.

I also work closely with our CEO to define the global strategy from a technological point of view.

What have you learned from your experience?

In addition to the obvious technical experience gained over all these years of development, I have learned a lot about project management and how to work with customers to understand their needs and how to find solutions that are technically feasible and meet the clients’ expectations.

What do you particularly like in your line of work?

I like the versatility of my work shared between management and development. My colleagues in the development team are highly competent and I consider them as a small family. It really is a pleasure to work with them every day.
During all these years, I have had the opportunity to work on applications for a wide variety of domains (watchmaking, museums, administrations, CNC machining tool, paintball, etc…) – it never gets boring!