Multi-Touch Hardware

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Interactive Tables

Multi-Touch Table


Multi-Touch Kiosk

Vertical Touchscreens

Multi-Touch Wallscreen

Immensive MTT / MTK

All in One Multi-Touch System

atracTouch 55'' 4K - Table

Table 55″ 4K

atracTouch 55'' 4K - Kiosk

Kiosk 55″ 4K


Recognizes up to 40 touch-points and includes palm rejection.


Optimized to be used by up to six simultaneous users.

MS Windows touch interface

Uses MS Windows native touch interface.

Anti-glare screen

Smooth finger glide surface with very limited visible fingerprints.


Switch between Kiosk or Table configurations with a different pair of feet.

Immune to ambient light

PCAP touch technology allows for user interaction that is unaltered by external factors.

Swiss quality

Designed by Immensive and assembled in Switzerland.

Plug & Play

Simply start the device with a key and remove it so nobody can turn it off.

Engineered for durability

Made to last body design for heavy use in a museum, during tradeshows or in commercial environments such as shopping malls.

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