BDL5 Lobby

Client: BDL5
Introduction: Q3 2021
Main Deliverables: Multi-Touch Hardware, Multi-Touch Application, Multi-Language Module, Content Management System, Content Curation
Project Management: Beat Brühwiler, Atracsys Interactive SA
In Collaboration with: Marie Coulomb, La Société Secrète

BDL5 is a group of industrial companies supplying the high-end watchmaking industry and the luxury industry in general.

Entering the all-new BDL5 building in Meyrin, the visitor is welcomed in a beautiful lobby. BDL5 is home to 5 companies active in the luxurious segment of the watch industry: Multicuirs, Boninchi, Le Temps Retrouvé, KS22 and TECHNEW. While passing a couple of minutes in the lobby, an interactive kiosk let’s you discover these companies, their histories and product lines through a variety of presentations, videos and photo-galleries. It’s the perfect way to welcome a client, partner, or even to onboard new employees.

The custom-made interface of the multi-touch application PopupExperience was realized by La Société Secrète. It reflects the visual identity of the building and its tenants. Furthermore, La Société Secrète was also mandated with the curation of all content (images, slides, movies, screensaver) and the end result is a solution of outstanding consistency – a perfect example of how hardware, software and content work together to deliver a product of excellence.

After a quick introduction to our content management system, the client was able to bring the application to life with stunning content in no time!

All content is available in French and English and switching between these languages is a breeze with our multi-language-module.

“Tout va bien merci le produit est super ! C’est exactement ce que nous voulions !”.

Tom Wenger
Commercial Manager at Multicuirs SA

In collaboration with design agency:
La Société Secrète
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