Good agreements make good friends

La Société Secrète LSS Atracsys Interactive
Atracsys Interactive is happy to present its partnership with design agency La Société Secrète

La Société Secrète, based in Annecy, France, is a small communication agency founded ten years ago. With many of their projects, including Maped and Vemedia, being implemented in 24 different countries, the agency is growing constantly.

The secret of their success is combining communication strategy and creative strategy. The goal of the communication strategy is to define the objectives to be achieved. That of the creative strategy is to support the communication with design assets. Thanks to these two pillars they were able to build the Abondance cheese campaign that is now known by the majority of people in the Haute-Savoie region.

For several years now, La Société Secrète and Atracsys Interactive have had a partnership, and there is something in it for everyone. Indeed, Atracsys Interactive calls upon the services of La Sociéte Secrète to create custom designs to satisfy PopupExperience customers.

“From a purely creative point of view, I would say that it has always been a collaboration that went very well as we have a lot of freedom. On the business side, it allows us to meet clients that we might not have access to if we were addressing them as La Société Secrète”, says Nicolas Girard, Account Manager of La Société Secrète.

The secret of this partnership is the mutual trust that both entities share. Atracsys Interactive and its clients are always satisfied by the precision, creativity and quality of the work provided by La Société Secrète.

“Atracsys has always been a success because your solutions are surprising and people love the way you manipulate content and interact with your tables”, says Nicolas.

Given the mutual satisfaction of both companies, this suggests that this partnership has many more years ahead of it.


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