James Bond Time

The James Bond Time exhibition was held at the Espace Horloger – La Vallée de Joux watchmaking museum from September 2016 to April 2017.
Led by Vincent Jaton, director of the EHVJ at the time time, the exhibition highlighted the importance of watchmaking within the James Bond movies.

Always at the forefront of elegance and technology, watches are an integral part of James Bond’s image, and often a key part of his adventures thanks to the gadgets they carry.

Launched in 1962, the saga of films offers the Espace Horloger – La Vallée de Joux, a playful and inter-generational approach to the progress of the watch industry, from the traditional mechanical watch to the most innovative devices.

Vincent Jaton, former director of the museum and in charge of the exhibition explains: “Interactive animations, holograms and other gadgets have seduced our visitors, both film buffs and enthusiasts of complex mechanisms”.

After his diploma at Swiss Institute for Executive Training in project management, Vincent Jaton created his own structure in which he specialized in the conception and management of cultural and tourism projects in Switzerland and internationally.

Thanks to his knowledge in innovation, watchmaking industry and museums, in 2008 the Espace Horloger – La Vallée de Joux asked him to lead all aspects of the building and strategy.

The Espace Horloger – La Vallée de Joux is more than a museum, it represents a real platform for knowledge, experimentation and exchange where the 24 non-hierarchical professions of watchmaking are represented. The aim is to highlight the evolution of watch production. In order to touch a large audience during the short exhibition, the show is translated into several languages: French, German, English and Chinese.

This temporary exposition settled up a playful and historical approach concerning the evolution of the world of watchmaking from mechanical watches to the most modern gadgets.

Vincent Jaton, already familiar with Atracsys Interactive solutions, wanted to use our multitouch application. Indeed, this software provides easy access to various information, such as images, documents and film clips promoting the use of watches in James Bond movies.

During the exposition, 8 interactive and multi-touch screens were accessible to the public, capable of giving them additional information on the subjects discussed.

This collaboration between Vincent Jaton and Atracsys Interactive is not new. Vincent himself says:

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Atracsys Interactive.

A real trust has been established between our two companies, and I appreciate the reputation and reliability of the custom applications developed.

Vincent Jaton

Vincent Jaton, Design & Museography

Atracsys Interactive is delighted to collaborate once again with Vincent Jaton, on the opening of the museum “Le Chateau de La Sarraz” in April 2021.

In collaboration with production partner:
Vincent Jaton

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