Museo Etnografico della Valle di Muggio

Discover the latest exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley (MEVM). “Pezzi di frontiera” opened in Casa Cantoni on November 2019.
The beautiful detail-loving PopupExperience app is the main attraction of the permanent exhibition of the MEVM, situated in the Cabbio village in Ticino, Switzerland.

The interactive table is positioned directly at the entrance room of the historic former aristocratic villa Casa Cantoni, which sees itself more as an information center and cultural meeting point than a simple museum. This open-air museum in the area is distinguished for its itineraries in the valley that connect the most significant elements of the cultural landscape.

The reception area is full of information and acts as a useful guide in discovering the region. Through a touch screen connected to a scanner, visitors can locate a vast range of objects from in the Muggio and Intelvi valleys. A detailed miniature model of the area further helps visitors visualize and explore the surroundings.

In addition to all this, the MEVM looked for innovative, unusual and fun new ways of storing and transmitting the knowledge gathered over 40 years of research and exploration of the valley.

The PopupExperience app aims to satisfy the needs of different visitors such as school classes, tourists and travel groups. It serves as a guide presenting the region’s history, and explaining the handcraft, traditions and culture to be discovered in the area.

Multi-user capability was an important requirement, so the user interface was divided in two sections, allowing simultaneous exploration from the two ends of the table, while presenting beautiful photographs and illustrations.

The application is clearly structured, each menu fills up the entire section with its own world of visuals to explore. The map, as a general overview, provides the visitor with topic-specific route suggestions. Each view contains information in a popup window, which can be shared to smartphones using a QR code.

The interactive visitor experience is enhanced by other features such as a memory game. a quiz, and a survey form.

There are many advantages for a museum to have such a solution, especially in a location like Cabbio.

From a tourist perspective, it is clearly an opportunity to showcase the region’s assets but also to give visitors ideas for their next excursion. A sort of tourist information office! Another cultural aspect is to inform, share information, and most importantly to present the agenda of future cultural events.

Of course, this interactive table available inside the museum provides the essential information about the visit, allows the younger generation to participate in playful games, and offers a modern dimension.

The Atracsys PopupExperience has proven the perfect choice for these needs, thanks to the flexibility of its design and the skill of all the people involved in the project. It has been very interesting to see how their technology could bend to meet the necessities of a small museum with a very wide territorial reach. Being able to adapt, update, and alter content in real time in the CMS is a very welcome part of the Atracsys Interactive technology stack.

Besides, the visitors feel involved since they are led to propose their ideas and give their feedback on the establishment. A real assurance of quality for the future!

“Our Museum has always tried to create a dialogue between history, memory, or tradition and the contemporary way of life. The heritage we defend and transmit must be meaningful for people living in the 21st century. Therefore, new technologies have always made us think about how we need to stay alive and connected to the people who want to discover more about this small corner of Switzerland. For us, this project has been another step in the right direction.”

Silvio Bindella MEVM Atracsys Interactive

Silvio Bindella


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