Inspiring Touchpoint at Edelweiss Café

Client: Edelweiss Air
Introduction: Q1 2024
Main Deliverables: Multi-Touch Hardware, Public Multi-Touch Application, Customized Destination Finder, QR Code Module, Multilanguage Module, Customized Content Display, Customized Content Management System, Minigames
Project Management: Paolo Mira, Gaetan Cretton, Zoé Dubois Immensive SA
In Collaboration with: Loved gmbh, Office 104

In the vibrant atmosphere of Edelweiss Café at Zurich Airport, where travelers seek moments of relaxation, an interactive experience unfolds with Immensive’s interactive multi-user multi-touch kiosk. The primary goal is to captivate guests with high-quality images and videos, transforming their wait times into an inspiring experience.

Built upon the PopupExperience framework, this application features customizations:

  • Zoomable World Map: Detail corresponds to the number of visible destinations, enabling users to explore numerous travel options.
  • Destination Filters: Guests can discover desired destinations based on various categories such as seasons and activities.
  • QR Code Downloads: Access the latest travel magazines from Edelweiss by scanning QR codes.
  • Animated Aircrafts: Users can tap on animated planes to obtain information about aircraft types.


The application serves as infotainment for all ages, ensuring accessibility and usability for individuals with mobility challenges. Additionally, it caters to an international audience with its multilingual interface. Professionally curated images and videos evoke emotions, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The Call-to-Action feature, facilitated by QR codes, seamlessly directs users to specific destinations, enabling them to book their journeys instantly.

Big Data: Seamless management and easy updates using the Immensive CMS.

Interactive Digital Signage

Strategically positioned, Edelweiss leverages its prime location to offer a captivating digital showcase, allowing patrons to immerse themselves in the brand experience.

With User Statistics, the system provides real-time insights into popular content, facilitating ongoing improvements and optimizations based on user preferences.


Through Immensive’s high-end technology, Edelweiss transforms its café into a gateway of inspiration, providing an engaging and informative experience for guests. This innovative approach enhances customer satisfaction and opens new avenues for brand promotion and revenue generation. The seamless integration of interactive elements, multilingual accessibility, and data analytics positions Edelweiss at the forefront of modern customer engagement in the travel industry.

“With Immensive’s interactive table, we have established a touchpoint in our Edelweiss Café where people can be inspired and learn about the many beautiful Edelweiss destinations. We are very happy with the end result and look forward to many interactions at the table.”

Sabrina Sieber
Brand Manager, Edelweiss

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