Swissgrid’s Interactive Learning Experience

Client: Swissgrid
Introduction: Q1 2023
Main Deliverables: Multi-Language Multi-Touch Application, Content Management System, Live Webframe, Multi-Player Quiz
Project Management: Paolo Mira, Zoé Dubois – Immensive SA
In Collaboration with: Aroma AG, Auviso, CRK AG, Nubero Design

Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission grid operator based in Aarau and Prilly, sought an engaging and interactive solution to educate diverse audiences about the Swiss transmission grid. In collaboration with Immensive, they developed a versatile Multi-User Multi-Touch Application designed for use in various settings, including the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, visitor centers, and public exhibitions.

Dynamic Learning Experience

Immensive’s feature-rich Multi-Touch application, PopupExperience, offers a range of interactive elements, including a Multiplayer Quiz, Multilingualism, Live Webframe, CMS (Content Management System), and Animated Background. These features ensure accessibility, real-time updates, and an engaging visual experience for users.


Flexibility and Expandability: The application seamlessly integrates into different environments, catering to diverse interest groups and scenarios.
Engaging Diverse Audiences: From students to government officials, users of all ages and backgrounds benefit from interactive learning. Accurate user statistics enable continuous optimization of content.
Gamification: The Multiplayer Quiz feature transforms learning into a competitive and enjoyable experience, enhancing educational effectiveness.


With Immensive’s Multi-User Multi-Touch Application, Swissgrid effectively communicates complex information about the Swiss transmission grid to a broad audience. The interactive nature of the application fosters understanding, showcases reliability, and highlights innovations in the energy market. Swissgrid can seamlessly deploy this educational tool in various settings, ensuring widespread accessibility and engagement.

“With the help of Immensive’s interactive application, we can easily illustrate the Swiss transmission grid and Swissgrid’s complex mission, making it accessible to a broad audience. Whether in visitor centers, at trade shows, or at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne – the application has always been quickly adapted to our requirements for various applications. We and our visitors greatly appreciate this versatile and flexible solution.”

Silvia Zuber

Silvia Zuber
Senior Communication Manager at Swissgrid

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