Meet the Team

Meet the talented and motivated people behind Atracsys Interactive and learn more about who we are.

Today, we would like to introduce to you, Gaetan Cretton, Head of R&D.

Gaetan Cretton Atracsys Interactive

Gaetan Cretton

Head of R&D

Gaetan, can you introduce yourself?

I work at Atracsys Interactive since 2014. I obtained an EPFL masters degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Vision, Graphics and Interfaces. Before joining Atracsys I was working for a machine learning and robotics lab at EPFL.

What is your role within Atracsys Interactive?

As a senior software engineer and certified Scrum Master, my day to day activities include meeting our clients to understand their needs, designing the best solution within their constraints, and a large amount of coding.

I also supervise our DevOps pipeline and explore new technologies in our R&D projects.

According to you, what are the assets of Atracsys?

If we have to define Atracsys Interactive with a sentence, it would be: You want it, we do it!

We have the ability to prototype and develop custom solutions in a very short time and to my point of view this is our most praised strength.

What project was the most significant for you?

Actually, the first project I worked on was very interesting!

We wrapped a very complex simulation of the state of energy in Switzerland by the year 2050 into an appealing application for a museum. Visitors could choose their own political strategies to find the most viable and clean mix of energy sources.

That was a big challenge and we succeeded – Great experience!