UNESCO World Heritage – World Nature Forum

Client: UNESCO-Welterbe Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch
Introduction: Q2 2021
Main Deliverables: Atracsys Dive: Web-based Virtual Showroom
Project Management: Paolo Mira, Immensive SA
Direct Access: wnf.ch/showroom

The World Nature Forum (WNF) is located in a magnificent museum in Naters, Switzerland. On two floors visitors can discover everything about the most beautiful and valuable mountain landscapes of the world.

WNF worked with Atracsys Interactive to examine the possibility of bringing museum content to life virtually, as a complementary offer to the existing website and more importantly, as an alternative way to visit in times of a global pandemic when travelling options are restricted.

The goal of this demo project was to proof that lots of information can be made accessible in an interactive three-dimensional experience, easily and readily accessible through a web-browser. This new way of presenting content provides real added value with respect to a classic website. The simple fact that information can be located visually in a 3D space changes everything.

Key benefits of an immersive museum experience from Atracsys Interactive are:

  • Playful discovery of multimedia content / gamification
  • High dwell time in 3D space compared to a website
  • Interaction with 3D objects
  • Cognitive learning
  • Integrated communication module
  • Content management system
  • Activate emotions through distance
  • High recognition value: returning visitors immediately know their way around

This demo project allowed authorities and stakeholders to get a direct impression of what a virtual museum project is all about and take an informed decision on their investment plans.

Visit the WNF-Demo-Showroom right now: wnf.ch/showroom

Barbara Mäder
Leitung Marketing & Kommunikation
UNESCO-Welterbe Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

“Mit dieser aussergewöhnlichen Möglichkeit unser Projekt vorzustellen konnten wir interne und externe Instanzen begeistern. Vielen Dank Atracsys Interactive für die tolle Zusammenarbeit!”

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