Espace Horloger de La Vallée de Joux

Espace Horloger de La Vallée de Joux
The Espace Horloger was created in 1996 in a former watchmaking factory as the first watchmaking museum in the region of (canton of Vaud, Switzerland,)

The Espace Horloger de La Vallée de Joux provides a better understanding of high-level watchmaking technologies and lets visitors discover the diversity of watch movements with complications.

In 2012, Vincent Jaton, former director of the museum, gave a new dynamic to the museum by creating a space for temporary exhibitions, and adopted three solutions by Atracsys Interactive in the Métiers (professions) area of the museum.

The interactive tables with object recognition allow visitors to immerse themselves in the different professions of watchmaking in three areas of application: movement, casing, decoration and finishing. The fully tactile and multi-touch tables allow multiple users to interact simultaneously. They include a computer and an integrated projector in order to present the professions in a playful way.

Marion Burkhardt Espace Horloger de La Vallée de Joux EHVJ Atracsys Interactive Touchscreen PopupExperience

Marion Burkhardt
Museum Director

The general idea of having the Tables from Atracsys Interactive was to have something quite futuristic, something that would revitalize the museum and that could inspire vocations in the watchmaking profession.

The Espace Horloger’s mission is to enhance, perpetuate and transmit this heritage by making it accessible to everyone, as well as to encourage vocations among young people. Beyond simple documentation, its aim is to diffuse it to the general public and promote the watchmaking genius of an entire region.

In order to highlight the regional watchmaker specialties, Marion Burkhardt, director and curator of the museum, asked Atracsys Interactive to provide new touch screens solutions.

In 2019 the museum inaugurated its new permanent exhibition, with the integration of our PopupExperience application. Temporary exhibitions are also held at the museum on subjects of current events and trends, and can are open 6 to 9 months a year.

Whether you are passionate or simply curious about watchmaking, we strongly recommend our clients to take a tour in this beautiful museum.

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