Bystronic’s Trendsetting Booth at Euroblech

Client: Bystronic
Introduction: Q3 2022
Main Deliverables: Multi-Language Multi-Touch Application, Content Management System (CMS), Multi-Language Module, Basket Module, Dynamic-Filter Module
Project Management: Beat Brühwiler, Paolo Mira, Zoé Dubois, Gaël Bourgeois, Immensive SA
In Collaboration with: Kargo AG

Bystronic envisioned a standout presence at Euroblech, the world’s largest trade fair for sheet metal processing. Spanning over 3000 square meters, Bystronic aimed to shine among the market leaders. Immensive was tasked with equipping the Bystronic booth with a multitude of interactive applications and several multi-touch tables.

Marketplace Application

Designed as a customer-centric experience, this application serves as an entry point into sales conversations with visitors and potential clients. The application was displayed on three interactive tables right at the heart of the Bystronic booth.

Wayfinding Application

To enhance visitor navigation, an interactive map of the Bystronic booth with integrated product filter was developed and placed at strategic locations. Attendees could easily select specific areas they wished to explore, streamlining their journey through the exhibition area.

Product Applications

Interactive applications were developed for each presented machine, providing essential product information, images, videos, and PDFs. This enabled consultants and visitors to quickly access all necessary information.


  • Immensive's intuitive user experience ensured consistency across all applications, simplifying usage for visitors and consultants without extensive training.
  • Flexible CMS facilitated easy access and management of data.
  • Sustainability: Developed applications continue to be of use at the Bystronic headquarters.
  • Comprehensive interaction statistics provide valuable insights for evaluating customer interests and user behavior.

“With Immensive’s communication solutions, we were able to showcase our diverse product portfolio in an impressive manner. Whether for consultation, explaining individual machines, or as an interactive stand overview, all applications delivered the desired information at the respective location. Thank you for the great support until the end!”

Florian Wimmer

Florian Wimmer
Chief Commercial Officer

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