SWISSINT is touring Switzerland with a mobile showroom, an equipped truck/semi-trailer. Since August 2019 this roadshow features an all-in-one multitouch device on which all projects of the Swiss Military Peace Support are displayed on an interactive world map

The SWISSINT interactive application is used to present details of their peace-keeping missions in the world. Information is updated as necessary, new missions can be added as they materialize, and completed missions may be removed from the world map and/or classified as completed for reference. Next to providing a basis for discussions with representatives of governments and politicians, one of the main goals is the recruitment of new personnel.

The large 55-inch ultra-high definition display allows for a precise representation of the world and gives direct access to any given mission with a single touch. Information on multiple missions may be put side-by-side for comparison. The visitor can also be readily informed about the recruitment process.

In collaboration with partner design agency:
Nordjungs GmbH

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