Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines commissioned Atracsys Interactive to develop a multi-user multi-touch app to present its products and services. The application is based on Atracsys’ versatile PopupExperience and was first displayed at the ITB Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show in March 2018.

Through the app, the audience discovers plenty of information about Swiss International Air Lines, such as its fleet, destinations, different travel class offerings, lounges and much more. Stunning 360° videos let visitors take a personal tour through the newest airplanes of SWISS and get a feeling of what standing on the tarmac must feel like.

The PopupExperience is running on the all-in-one Multi-Touch System atracTouch-55-4K. The table can be accessed from any side – there’s no up, down, left or right – meaning that up to 6 persons can comfortably interact with the PopupExperience at the same time. Needless to say, every content is available in several languages to greet travelers from all over the world.

The application is a highly versatile multi-user multi-touch application. It is very intuitive in use thanks to its advanced user experience. This makes the underlying technology disappear and put everyone’s focus on the content.
For Swiss International Air Lines, the content is an ever-changing combination of qualitative information, stunning visual assets such as inspiring 360° videos, or pictures giving rise to great emotions – an airplane flying above the beautiful Swiss Alps for example – and elements of high interactivity such as quizzes and games.
It is truly the perfect combination between information and entertainment.

“The PopupExperience from Atracsys is the perfect tool to show our customers what we have to offer. Due to the highly interactive display of content we are able to “catch” the audience and allow them to get impressive insights into our world”.

Jasmin Christen
Content Marketing Manager

Swiss Airlines

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