SBB CFF FFS – Swiss Federal Railways

SBB CFF FFS  РSwiss Federal Railways called upon Atracsys Interactive for their Infrastructure presentation project, as well as to showcase the specificity of the different transport activities of SBB Cargo.

The app is built on our PopupExperience solution and includes attractive graphics, a playful look, with subtle animation in the background. It runs on an atracTouch 55″ kiosk, beautifully displaying the rich content in 4K UHD.

This PopupExperience has provided versatile information clearly displayed without appearing overloaded.
This solution makes it possible to digitize high quality film material on the projects, with a prestigious and modern look.

This experience is entertaining and reaches all age groups as it translates complex information through a simple explanatory support. The PopupExperience can be applied to a multitude of events and countries thanks to its multi-language option.

SBB Infrastructure

The interactive app provides information on SBB Infrastructure. Customers can learn about the SBB Green Class and its sustainability and mobility of the future with programs such as SmartRail 4.0. There is great detail and key data on freight routes, the Ceneri Base Tunnel, rail traffic and innovations in the field of freight transport.

Atracsys Interactive’s solution has highlighted SBB projects such as the reconstruction of the most important train stations in Bern, Lausanne and Zurich.

SBB Cargo

On top of the existing PopupExperience runs a custom made game for SBB Cargo. This learning game familiarizes the public with the daily challenges of rail freight transport. The game has been developed with great attention to detail and attractive animation.

In 4 steps, the player can meet the different challenges of the game. A train goes from one task to another, the player succeeds by passing all the stations.

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