Rotho Shopping Experience

Rotho is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household goods.
The company develops and distributes plastic products in the areas of consumer goods, baby products, pet supplies and professionally usable waste disposal products.

Rotho was one of the exhibitors at the Ambiente 2019 exhibition in Frankfurt, which is one of the largest consumer goods fairs outside Asia.
Rotho acquired two AtracTouch 55″ Tables from Atracsys Interactive to boost its visibility at the fair.

The touchscreen application displayed Rotho products with multimedia content along with an imagined modern commerce system using the NFC tag reader module. This add-on made it possible to connect physical objects with digital media.

In addition, Atracsys Interactive’s products were used to inform visitors about Rotho’s shopping experience and promote the group’s new products. The AtracTouch Tables supported Rotho staff in their commercial pitch and thanks to its multi-user support visitors were highly involved.

The AtracTouch Table from Atracsys Interactive can be a point of attraction for visitors during trade shows, but also an essential support for the visibility of companies. Thanks to our online CMS, it is possible to add content at any time, in a simple and fast way without any particular training.

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