Heidi.com Atracsy Interactive Multitouch Touchscreen App
heidi.com opened a flagship store in Neuchâtel at the end of 2013, which had to be at the cutting edge of technology.
The goal was to attract a large number of customers and mainly the new generation.
After a few years of partnership with Samsung, Atracsys Interactive was mandated to imagine a new type interactions

Get the customer’s attention through an attractive brand, that was the main purpose!

Offering a new concept store to people in Neuchâtel was the challenge of Heidi.com team. Indeed, the company wanted its customers to be involved as soon as they get in the store.


By make them participating to contests in order to win prizes and discounts, or by taking picture of themselves and sharing it on social networks.
An easy way to create a community around a brand.

Obviously, Heidi.com did not forget to add their first communication channel by integrating the website for online shopping.

It was a real marketing success!

What was the result of such an operation?

No need to list the advantages: More than creating a good buzz in Neuchâtel city stores, customers were mesmerized by the solution.

Heidi.com noticed positive effects on its sales and its brand image.

Discover the flagship store on Youtube

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