Musée ariana

Client: Musée Ariana 
Introduction: Q2 2023
Main Deliverables: Multi-Touch Hardware, Public Multi-Touch Application
Project Management: Zoé Dubois, David Bugat Immensive SA
In collaboration with: Thomas Grand / Atelier XL

Following a request from the Ariana Museum in Geneva, Immensive created a multi-touch interactive video game on a large touchscreen.

The game is designed to be accessible to the entire family and immerses players in the fascinating era of the arrival of porcelain in Europe during the 16th century: travelling on a mediaeval cargo ship along risky maritime routes, players will experience an adventure in three exciting phases. They get to know the history of porcelain by participating in the necessary trade exchanges at distinct places and can learn even more about the history of ships and traded goods by additional in-depth information that is provided alongside the gaming experience.

The 42-inch 4K multitouch-table offers such an intuitive interface that anyone is able to play immediately, with no need for instructions. The combination of cutting-edge hardware components and Immensive’s highly responsive multitouch application framework guarantee a seamless experience that has visitors forget about the underlying technology. Instead, they focus on the provided content and enjoy yet another entertaining and educational interlude within the Ariana Museum.

“We have partnered to build an amazing maritime adventure. The Ariana brought its specific historical content and a game concept, Thomas Grand his rich watercolors to transport the users, Immensive its advice and technical expertise, its responsiveness, and its availability. An intense and interesting collaboration was born, rich in shared knowledge and skills. The result is an interactive journey that leaves stars in our eyes.”

Sophie Wirth Brentini

Project Manager of the Ariana Museum

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