Augmented Reality to unveil Switzerland’s diverse energy landscape

Client: EPFL – Energy Center
Introduction: Q2 2023
Main Deliverables: Web-based Augmented Reality
Project Management: Gaetan Cretton, David BugatImmensive SA
In Collaboration with Grillet Loris

Step into a world where energy exploration comes to life through the lens of innovation. Our company’s expertise extends beyond the ordinary, as exemplified by our web-based Augmented Reality (AR) application to unveil Switzerland’s diverse energy landscape. This project emerged from insightful conversations with Laura Church, Outreach Project Manager at EPFL – Energy Center (CEN), marking the inception of something extraordinary.

As the liaison between inquisitive minds, enterprises, EPFL’s innovative hubs, and the burgeoning startup ecosystem, the EPFL – Energy Center (CEN) amplifies the heartbeat of energy exploration. Nurturing collaborative R&D ventures and acting as a beacon of energy research progress, the CEN fortifies EPFL’s stature in this dynamic arena.

Witness the transformation of engagement as we present a pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) application designed to orchestrate an unparalleled experience during the EPFL open day on April 29th and 30th. This innovative creation unveils energy sites and sources across the Swiss landscape, breathing life into the otherwise static map. Visitors leave with a tangible memento, a postcard capturing the essence of their journey. In the second phase, this captivating AR adventure seamlessly extends its embrace through a web link on the CEN website. No downloads, no installations – just an effortless point of a smartphone’s camera triggers an immersive experience right within their preferred browser.

Empowering anyone with a smartphone or tablet, our AR application scans a paper map of Switzerland and unleashes a realm of interactive 3D overlays. The nation’s energy tapestry unfolds, waiting to be explored and engaged with like never before. Turn, twist, and tilt your device to traverse through this dynamic AR landscape, offering an array of perspectives that unravel Switzerland’s energy narrative. A mere tap on the AR interface yields a wealth of information, unveiling intricate visualizations of pivotal energy sources.

Crafted with the utmost user-centric design, our AR application blends education and entertainment. Join us in this technological odyssey that converges energy and augmented reality, weaving an extraordinary tapestry of exploration, engagement, and enlightenment. The future of energy discovery has never been closer – and it’s right at your fingertips.

“Our Energy Utopia printed map card was brought to life by Immensive!

Working closely with David and Gaetan, we created an interactive map for visitors to explore the potential future of energy. It provided a memorable experience to take home, share, and access on our website. Immensive’s partnership made it exceptional, infusing our vision with professionalism, proactiveness, and creativity.”

Laura Church

Laura Church
Outreach Project Manager

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