Guerre et Paix

Client: Fondation Martin Bodmer
Exhibition: From October 5th 2019 to March 1st 2020, opening hours 2pm to 6pm (Tuesday through Sunday)

The Martin Bodmer Foundation (Cologny – GE) presents since October 5th its new temporary exhibition, “War and Peace”.

The War and Peace exhibition, commissioned in partnership with the United Nations Organization (UN Geneva) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is devoted to the timeless realities of war and peace. Structured on three themes which are the genesis of war, the destruction perpetrated and the desire for peace, the accounts and documents presented are sourced in literature, the arts, religions, philosophy, law and politics. 

The Foundation was created by Martin Bodmer, a philanthropist passionate of books and willing to reunite a part of history in his collection.

As you can imagine in such a Museum, it is not possible for any visitor to interact directly with the origin exhibits, such as turning pages of very old books or touch the precious goods and items. Taking into account these factors, the visit can be somewhat unfulfilling for our more passionate visitors: those who are willing to dive deep in the books but are limited to a single opened page.

Also, in order to provide a new digital experience and to make visitors interact with content during each new temporary exhibition, Atracsys Interactive and the Martin Bodmer Foundation have worked together on a Multi-User Multi-Touch application displayed on an interactive table in the center of the exhibition space.

Moreover, by using this intuitive and ultra-reactive presentation application, each visitor is free to dive into texts, pictures or any details of the magnificent high-quality photographs made from each book. This allows the Foundation to create an emotional link with its visitors and to tease them for the next exhibition.

The Atracsys PopupExperience was the perfect product for this situation. Due to its highly versatile design, the application can be reskinned to fit in each new exhibition. The built-in CMS allows great flexibility and provides the Martin Bodmer Foundation with autonomy, an invaluable feature when last-minute content changes occur.

“Although the Martin Bodmer Foundation is dedicated to preserving and presenting masterpieces from all human civilizations, it does not see current technologies as a brake or an enemy. On the contrary, we have sought to include the new mediation tools without falling into the trap of ultra-connectivity, or the replacement of the contemplation of the witnesses of history by all-out screens. The Atracsys Interactive tactile tables and their dedicated applications are part of this intelligent approach”.

Yoann Givry - Fondation Bodmer

Yoann Givry
scientific Collaborator

In collaboration with design agency:
La Société Secrète
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