Gucci Digital Catalog

Since 2013, every year, Gucci presents its latest watches and jewelry during famous Baselworld fair, on a digital catalog.

The goal was to create an interactive catalog and sales tool for the Gucci watches and jewels collections, to support their sales team during the most important watch-related event of the year: Baselworld. More than 20 rooms in the Gucci Baselworld stand were equipped with custom-made wood tables with an integrated touch screen. The interactive application was used by each vendor to present the product catalog to retail clients and place orders for the year to come, directly synchronized with the Gucci sales database. Our system has been used every year from 2013 to 2019, improved and taken to a highest level each time.

This innovative way to introduce their latest products impressed customers and medias. Another big advantage, the work of the sales team was easier and their speech more valuable.

“Our customers and journalists were very impressed and all wanted one example to bring back with them ! It made my job also much easier, the surface being so easy to use and intuitive.”.

Franciane Guibert, Former Sales Director at Gucci

Franciane Guibert Former Sales Director at Gucci

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