Cobalt Project

Atracsys Interactive was commissioned to create this interactive large scale action game involving multiple technologies.
Cobalt Project is located in Switzerland and in Belgium. Find out more at:

Inspired by scenario-based paintball facilities, Cobalt Project has developed a unique concept: a cross between video games and real-life action.

The players maneuver over the 28,000 m² grounds in an ultra-realistic environment with multiple infrastructures. Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and the use of the latest technologies, Cobalt Project develops unique game scenarios in which tactics, exploration and team spirit are key. Whether it’s a day out with friends or a corporate team-building exercise, the Cobalt experience pushes individuals and groups beyond their limits.

Cobalt Project plunges players into an environment in which everyone must rely on their senses and instinct to find their bearings and achieve a common goal. The teams explore the terrain under the supervision of a coach to unearth the activation markers and earn their points. Every movement, every action, every heartbeat is processed by a computer program and has direct consequences on the course of the game. Accumulating points gives access to a number of advantages: tactical information, magazines, smoke bombs, shields, boats, assault vehicles, etc.

Fully in keeping with Real Action Sports, Cobalt Project combines athletic performance with collective strategy. Each session is an adrenaline rush that allows you to exert yourself, discover yourself and discover others in unpredictable circumstances. Far from promoting violence, Cobalt Project encourages team spirit and mutual respect. Fair play is a key principle for Cobalt Project, which firmly enforces its application.

Beyond the gaming ground, Cobalt Project brings together a community of enthusiasts that is growing bigger and stronger every day. Shared efforts and accomplishments create a common feeling of belonging and forge bonds that continue on Cobalt Project’s digital platform. Players are directly involved in the organization and direction of a game and can regularly follow and share their gaming experiences and progress with their networks.

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