Filter Module

Too much information can quickly become a mess!

While the PopupExperience provides a fluid and easy to use in depth navigation through tree structures and menus, it is not uncommon to have a lot of data items that are better laid out flat. This is often the case when looking at maps or other spatial information with multiple categories or other attributes.

This is why we have developed a high quality filtering module for our clients. Different tags can be defined and organized, presented through this fun module, and seamlessly integrated with the desired visuals.

Our customers have greatly benefited from this add-on. For instance Museum B├╝lach allows its visitors to filter locations by a number of tags divided into construction types and time periods.

Likewise, the Swiss Post found this filtering module advantageous during recruitment events: with just a few taps, the user can choose the region, sector and type of job, and thus quickly discover the positions that actually interest them.

Filter Module - PopupExperience By Atracsys Interactive