Basket – Push your communication beyond screens.

Prospects were attracted by your interactive table, asked you every question related to your business, and then, what happens next?

Extend your PopupExperience with the new content sharing basket module.

It is no longer a question of just presenting your content. You can now share your videos, documents and digital brochures through the basket, it couldn’t be simpler!

Visitors choose the content they are interested in and add each item to a digital basket available on the app. Then, thanks to a QR code, visitors scan it with their smartphone and fill in a form with their contact details in order to receive the specific information on their mailbox.

On your side, collect data in order to better target your future marketing actions and know better who your prospect are.

And that’s not the only advantage: this feature allows you to reduce the number of printed brochures, which, it should be remembered, helps the environment and significantly reduces costs.

Find out how our clients have deployed this feature with Swisstech and HSLU.